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Snowboarder Asahidake
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Snowboard Ashidake
We hiked up Asahidake (the highest mtn in Hokkaido Japan) from the new cable car and the snow was quite windpacked. My Yowies gave excellent grip and really made it easier to get up the mountain.

Later after we had ridden down, I was again happy to have them with me as I cut the track out of the valley back to the resort.

Hokkaido, Japan

Ranch USA
I put the snow shoes through the test this weekend and must say I am Impressed enough to buy another pair for my wife. This was one of the great walking experience of my life. Walking to the ranch on top of the snow instead sinking to my knees every step. Most of the people in our area were impressed. I wish to thank you for the response and customer care that you have shown.


Australian Wilderness photography

camperMain Range Kusciusko © Geoff Wise

What you will experience here are photographs of the remote wilderness of Australia. So, grab a cup of tea and let me lead you on an armchair journey to .....

Geoff Wise

Photographer was Gregg Lowrimore walking up the sand dune. He did not have snowshoes on and kept asking me to wait for him since I was able to move more easily.


Tony Martinez

Iditasport extreme race Alaska & JDRF
I'm a member of Team Kinetic and competed in last months Iditasport 130 in
Alaska. I thought I would drop you a quick note to thank you for your support and provide some feedback on the Yowies you so generously gave us.
As you will no doubt be aware the weather during this year's event was atrocious with some major snowfall during the initial 40 hours of the race. I wore my Yowies over trainers and also over 'Neos' (a type of waterproof insulated overboot). The flexibility in your binding system meant that the Yowies worked well with both the trainers and Neos and allowed adjustment very quickly - which was very welcome given the conditions.

The Yowies stayed on securely and didn't clip against each other or my sled - both problems I faced with the Atlas shoes I had trained with. I had trained extensively in standard Atlas snowshoes. Wearing Yowies during the actual race I found no degradation in my walking or running speed while benefiting from significant improvements in traction, particularly on sloping ground, and a noticeable improvement in Snowshoe weight.

Several competitors during the Iditasport commented on the snowshoes. I'd be happy to pass on some comments about Yowies and your web address to a couple of newsgroups over here covering the US Ultrarunning and Adventure racing scene if you wish.

Many thanks again for your help and support. It looks as though we will exceed our team target of GBP30,000 for the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. We may have already, it's been a few days since I checked!

Best regards,





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