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Large size Yowie
• Length 510mm | 20.1in
• Width 260mm | 10.2in
• Area |
• Weight 1.33kg/pr | 2.93lbs/pr
• Load 125kg / 280lbs - nominal
• Boot 44-49Euro | 10-14US | 28+Japan

Deck material is injection moulded from a subzero engineering grade copolymer thermoplastic. This chemical combination of two plastics gives physical benefits and properties of each. Extremely lightweight, it is tougher and more durable than the base material of skis or snow boards.

This semi flexible material has good elasticity, very good resilience and impact resistance. The polymer manufacturer has designed this copolymer specifically for extreme subzero use. It is UV stabilized and ISO9002 compliant. Yowies will bend not break on the harshest surface.

Similar to a snow ball, compacted snow is quite strong, and has a good shear strength. The extra aggressive raised hexagon pattern directly under the foot enables greater grip on firmer snows.

Complement the hexagons by gripping ice. The cleats are of high tensile marine grade aluminium with very open internal angles allowing ice to drop out. The black plastic inserts provide a non stick surface along the bottom of the cleats. The 5083 high tensile marine grade aluminium is harder wearing and more difficult to bend than standard grades of aluminium, also more corrosion resistant.

All socket head bolts, washers and all-metal lock-nuts are 304 grade stainless steel, adjustable with a 2.5mm hex key. Wicking threadlocker applied to nuts, made ready for expedition use.

Toe and heel of the deck are curved upwards to allow clearance with the snow whilst walking or running.

The middle of the deck has two cambers, one longitudinally to pre-stress, making it more difficult to straighten (a similar principle to a ski camber). The other curve is across the shoe - it supplies extra movement as the shoe is flexed and relaxed. This movement helps clear away any ice buildup.


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Lifetime Warranty
Hexagon patterned base
Dual Harness System
Polyester Webbing
Velcro™ Brand
Impact resistant Nylon Buckles
Fitting Dual Harness System
Comparison with conventional

The world’s first and best flexible snowshoe gives superior agility on snow. Kick-steps up the steepest fall line, run, move backwards and sideways with ease.

Built to handle the toughest conditions,state of the art materials, intentional ‘over-engineering’ and stringent quality standards mean Yowies never give up.

Medium size Yowie
• Length 460mm | 18.1in
Width 245mm | 9.7in
• Area |
• Weight 1.18kg/pr | 2.60lbs/pr
• Load 100kg / 225lbs - nominal
• Boot 37-45Euro | 6-11US | 24-30Japan


Hexagon patterned base
Provides excellent grip in all directions. On soft to firm snows, the hexagons work on a similar principle to the wax-less Fischer scale on cross country skis. The hexagon pattern captures the snow, which is then able to be compressed in the shallow depth when the platform is stepped upon. Any side slip has to shear the captured snow of the entire surface area of the deck.

Dual Harness System
The unique binding system securely and comfortably holds the boot. Inner straps prevent side movement of the boot on the deck. Outer straps prevent forward and backward movement, and stops the boot lifting away from the deck. This feature provides for an unparalleled stability for your boot on the flexible snowshoe. Quick and easy adjustment, ideal for families, groups or rental use. An impact resistant nylon buckle-loop combination is used on the outer ankle, toe and heel straps. Secure, comfortable and easy to use, the ice/water repellent hook and loop fastener tape (Velcro) is used to hold the inner harness in place. Elastomer O-rings and end tips are used to stow excess webbing.




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